We are dedicated

Matrii, the sanitizing service originated in the mind of name in (year). We intend to offer is sanitization of mattresses,homes, car rooms, offices, and even salons. We understand what turmoil it is in testing situations like the on-going pandemic to be a part of un-sanitized environments. An un-satisfied environment renders the people working there uncomfortable. Whether it is your home, a singular office room, or even the mattress you sleep in. Comfort is subjective to how well-cleaned and hygienic you deem it to be. Matrii understands these fundamental issues and intends to work around these core issues. 

Our Goal

Our unbound sanitizing service aims to bring out the most comfortable and clean environment that you live/ work in. The benefits of having your mattress, cars, or offices sanitized are unmatched. Some of those pros of getting your furniture sanitized frequently are listed as follows: 


  • A safe and secure environment free of dust, pollens, and mites that may escalate your asthma
  • A sanitized seating, sleeping and brought into service furniture
  • Taking the notch down on those allergens in your room
  • Sanitization of mattress that leads to a sound sleep
  • Extension of the duration that your car’s matt, mattress, and furniture may last


Matrii focuses on offering unparalleled technology grated to provide sanitization of practically anything and everything. The technology that we aim to integrate into our work is top-notch. The furniture, mats, and mattresses in your home, parlor, car, and offices are frequently bathing in these pollens and allergens. Humans tend to shed skin cells all the time! In the long run, these can ultimately add up to diseases that may prove life-threatening. In order to help combat such situations, Matrii comes up with technologies like a dry steam vacuum, IR heat, anti-microbial treatment, and ozone generation. 

Matrii values

We take into stride our competition and then consider the new technologies worldwide that give us an edge and help us provide our customers with unbound services. 

  • Customer care

Matrii cares about its customers like all well-built organizations. Your concerns and dis-satisfactions, if any, are a source of concern for us. 

  • United Front

We believe that an organization is built by the core efforts of its diligent teammates. It is the work of every single one that helps us go high in pursuit of sanitization.

  • World Pacing

We understand that the world is pacing at a high trend; daily new technologies are introduced that set up to change businesses’ footprint. Matrii strives to keep up the pace side by side with the world edge-cutting technologies. 

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